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Foxwell at PAACE Automechanika exhibition 2015

Release date: 14:18 24/07/2015

We treasure every opportunity to meet with our customers. During July 15th to 17th, PAACE Automechanika exhibition was held in Mexico City, which is well-know and professional event in the automotive industry, Foxwell took this opportunity and exhibited its automotive diagnostic products and brought new improvement for its users.


Along with the great success last year, Foxwell had this trends going and won a greater success in this fair. Our platform diagnostic products-GT80 was still a super star in PAACE 2015. Besides, NT510 series attracts a lot attention from middle sized workshop owners, dealers and some 4S stores of specific car makes.


GT80 is a diagnostic system and platform which was first presented to the market in 2014. It’s developed to coverage all vehicle makes and have access to all car electrical systems. More than some basic functions like reading/clearing codes and resetting monitors, GT80 can fulfill the need of Pro-level functions like reprograming, bi-directional tests, live data presentation and storage and much more. This versatile series is invaluable for your investment.


For some middle sized workshop owners, dealers and some 4S stores of specific car makes, wide car make coverage is not a necessity. Functionality coverage and price are the major concerns. NT500 and NT510 are designed to be the combination of this two. NT500 is the most powerful tool for VW/ AUDI/ Seat/ Skoda vehicles sold worldwide. NT510 covers BMW, Mercedes, Fiat, PSA, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and more. They are both multi-system scanner of OE-level for some specific car makes. The costs are greatly cut down for narrowing down the car make coverage.


Other hot products like NT644 series, remained to be hot this year. We continued our development on the software for all items, new bug fixes, newly added parameters and functionality are available at your fingertips. Follow Foxwell to have more access to automotive diagnosis, and we’re looking forward to see you in the next exhibition held in Shanghai this year.